Drilling Machine

Tapping 6mm

tapping 6mm01


HEAD : A one piece close grained iron casting, accurately machined to ensure perfect parallelism between the column & spindle.

COLUMN : Heavy section seamless steel tube ensures rigidity and resists deflection. It is precision ground.

SPINDLE : The spindle & quill are made of alloy steel accurately machined and ground.

TABLE : It is made of special cast iron and is accurately machined for precision work.

FINISH : Handles and leavers are chrome plated. Main components are excellently surfaced and treated with metallic stoving enamel.


  • The machine meets mass production of tapping jobs felt by precision instrumentation, sheet metal, electronics and other industries.
  • Provides instantaneous control to change the rotation of tap.
  • Reduces the tap breakage to absolute minimum.


1. Tapping capacity in Steel 6mm
2. Tapping capacity in CI, Brass, Aluminium 9mm
3. Drill chuck required (2-J Taper) 0-10mm           .
4. Table travel 52mm
5. Distance btw spindle centre to column 105mm
6. Distance btw spindle to table 245mm
7. Size of working table 155 x 155mm
8. Size of base plate 380 x 250mm
9. Column dia • 47mm
10. No of speeds 4
11. Speed rangewith 1440 rpm motor 525, 750, 1000, 1350
12. Motor required 1/2 H.P.
13. V-Belt A-45
14. Weight 47 Kg.

Tapping and Drilling Operations

Design Features :

Highly versatile for tapping, drilling, reaming and screwing at pre-set depth.

Simple to install. simple to operate,. no extra skill required.

Dual operation of tapping & drilling without any extra attachment. The mere flick of the switch sets the machine from tapping to drilling & vice-versa.

Automatic reversal of spindle at the pre-set depth and changes the direction of spindle automatically back to normal. Simple back-gear arrangement facilities. 8 spindle speeds to suit the cutting speeds.

Emergency reversing foot switch to avoid tap breakage.

Being an electrical switch gear unit no wear and tear and hence no maintenance is required.

1 Drilling Capacity in steel 18
2 Drilling Capacity in cast steel 20
3 Tapping capacity in steel 12
4 Tapping capacity in Cast steel 16
5 Column to Center of Spindle 206
6 Spindle nose to work table 410
7 Spindle Nose to base Plate 785
8 Spindle travel 125
9 Speed Range (with 1440 Rpm Motor) 80-150-250-430-
10 Morse taper in spindle MT-2
11 Column length (71MM Dia). 1065 Length