Wood Working Machine

  • “NORTON” Log Band Mzills of Latest design are suitable for taking care of Heavy Logs, Manufactured and assemblod under the direct Supervision of Wail Qualified and Experienced Engineers
  • “NORTON” Log Band Mill does not Vibrate while in operation and gives smooth and finished output, “NORTON” Machine is fully approved by the NATIONAL SMALL INDUSTRIES CORP. (Pvt.) LTD, NEW DELHI, MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, GOVT OF INDIA
  • BODY : It is made of double Steel Channels Size 10 ” x 3″. The Pillers are double and fitted in the HEAVY CAST IRON FOUNDATION FEET which keep the machine stable in operation :
  • WHEELS : These are made of best Quality Steel Each wheel Size 3″ X 1″ is fitted in the DOUBLE ROW steel spokes of 7/8″ dia as required from Engineering point of view. Each spoke is accurately planned. DOUBLE CHECKNUTTED and thread fitted in EXTRA HEAVY DUTY KNOB to ensure long life and durability. The wheel finish is imparted by the Grinding machine to imfuse accuracy balancing and durability therein.
  • BALL BEARINGS : These are Heavy duty Taper Roller Bearings made in U.S.S.R, or of well known maker Two are provided in the right wheel spoke Container (knob) and two are fitted in the shaft Bracket for the left wheel and means are provided for adjustment.
  • CROSS SLIDE : The upward movement of the CROSS SLIDE carrying the saw pulleys is by means of chainpulley fixed on the upper channel. Bushes accurately planned are also provided in the cross slide to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Balance weight with wire rope and pully is supplied for easy lifting of cross slide.
  • SIX WHEEL CARRIAGE (THELLA) – Size 12′ x 34″ is fitted with Heavy Duty Bearing of 14 ” size, shaft 11″ size and manufactured from Steel Channel size 5′ x 3″. Four log holder posts (Jaw Vices) are provided to grip logs and to keep them in the required position. It is fitted with Rack and Hand wheel steering system for its easy movement.
  • STANDARD ACCESSORIES : Machine. 2. Carriage. 3. 70′ Rails (total length). 4. Braizing clamp (Jointer Adda) for saw blade, 5. One set of spanners 6. Steering system with rack and Pinion. 7, One set of 6 nos Foundation Bolts with nuts. 8. Wheel tighting lever. 9. Steel Saw Guides (Two) 10. Chain Pully wheel with Chain. 11. Electric drive arraqngement if machine is Electric Driven. 12. Grease cups (Three) 13. Manual Instruction.


Size of Saw Wheel Thickness of Saw Wheel Distance between Pillars Maxi- mum Cut Size of Carriage Channel Size H R Required R P M Machine Length of Rail Length of Saw Blade Recom Mended Weight Approx
36″ 36″ X 3″ 12 SPOKES With 7/8″ Dia in the Double Row 3/4″ 5′ – 6″ 4′ – 3″ 8′ x 31″ 4 Wheels with 3 Jaw Vice 10″ x 3″ 10 H. P 1440 RPM 650 60′ 28′ 2200 Kgs.
39″ 39″ x 3″ 14 Spokes with 7/8″ in the Double Row 3/4″ . 6′ – 0 Jaw Vice 4′ – 9″ 12′ x 34″ 6 Wheels with 4 10″ x 3″ 12.5 H. P 1440 RPM 550 70′ 30′ 2400 Kgs.
42″ 42″ x 3″ 16 Spokes with 7/8″ Dia in the Double Row 3/4″ 6′ – 6″ 5′ – 3″ 12′ x 31″ 6 Wheels with 4 Jaw Vice 10″ X 3″ 15      H. P. 1440 RPM 550 70′ 32′ 2800 Kgs.